Rejection has never felt good, and it will never feel good. It doesn’t matter who you are, at a point in your life, you will face rejection either from work, school, personal relationships, and if you have experienced rejection, it hurts really bad doesn’t it?. View Post


Hello my lovelies,  Today’s post is a collaboration with the Beautiful Fashionista Stephanie from Stephanie’s Blog has vastly become one of my Favourite Fashion & Beauty blog, her Fashion style is amazing to say the least, she also shares her wonderful beauty tips over at her blog. We have decided to share our essential summer time items. View Post


Nigerian Music

Nigerian Music popularly known as afrobeats has become extremely popular and not just to Nigerian people but with people from other countries, it has vastly become one of the classic music that you now hear on main stream channels and radios. View Post


social media following
Social media following is vital if you plan to receive a great engagement on your blog, learn 5 ways to grow your social media following.

Before i start today’s post, just wanted to share a piece of sad news as there has  been a death in the family, My cousin Ero who was only 30 years of age passed away of Friday the 10th the hospital said he was brain dead so they turned off his life support. Sad sad news to hear.

I wanted to talk about a topic that always gets asked. How do i grow my social media following?? View Post

Valentino bag

Hello my lovelies, todays obsession is my Valentino bag!! if you know me by now, you will already know my obsession with bags.. Hold on not just any bags but cross body bags to be precise. So today I introduce you to my latest beauty and a new addition to my designer bag collection, it’s my very own Valentino cross body bag.  View Post


Saying NO in general to situations and people is very good sometimes!

Its June, we are halfway through the year already have manage to tick off a few goals set for myself and few more to go. For me, saying NO will be strange as i tend to be very helpless if i have to do something i’ve set myself on, but the main thing that i need to train myself to do is learn to say NO without feeling uncomfortable. View Post