Wednesday, 25 May 2016

I always try to be confident, outspoken, funny and very easy going, most times i tend to ignore a lot of negativity that often comes my way. Its very easy to ignore negativity from a distance right!! This particular negativity was brought to my door steps a few days ago. This very post i had no intention of addressing but i woke up this morning feeling very inspired to address this issue of confidence.  

On Monday morning, i heard a knock on my door! thinking it was a delivery upon opening the door, it was one of my Aunties i haven't seeing in over 4-5 years i was equally surprised to see her but i figured she had come to pay a visit to my uncle who is around visiting. Few minutes later i heard my uncle calling out for me i obviously went back to the sitting room and what happened next will shock you. 

She (My aunt that came visiting) exclaimed '' oh my God Ese you have gotten so fat, i barely even recognised you! you use to be so pretty wow what have you done to yourself, you want men to see you and start running away from youYou have to fix this fat issue nobody likes fat people and please don't chase your bf away because you are not looking after yourself.''

I honestly had no words to say i was beyond shocked and very embarrassed, like if i didn't have any plans that Monday i would have locked myself in my room, i mean do not get me wrong i know i have put on weight and i am working really hard to get back to my previous size but hey she didn't have to speak so negatively to me without considering my emotions. 

I know i have been rambling my apologies ok lets go to today's topic, ways to be confident being yourself. I will keep it pretty short and simple don't want to blab for too long. 


I have being in the presence of very different people, and i often find myself trying to fit into those different situations, for example if you hang out with your colleagues you are bound to keep your behaviour very mellow compared to when you hand out with your friends. I know for a fact when i am with my friends i probably annoy them a lot with how loud, crude i could be sometimes and at least i think I'm also very funny.  

The point i am trying to make here is that i understand that during our everyday life, we meed a variety of people. Cab drivers, friends, colleagues, bosses, boyfriends, even mutual friends and the relationship we have with each one of them will be different. it is completely normal to be different as far as you are not trying to portray a person that you are not, always make sure your personality is jeopardised because you are trying to fit in. 


One of the most important thing we have to learn when building our self confidence is to equally build our self esteem, i say this because if you have a great self esteem half the things that people tell us that make us sad will never have an impact on our self esteem. I hear this all the time '' you are very confident for a big girl'' it leaves me thinking I'm i not suppose to have confidence because i am big??

If i tell you sometimes i don't feel unhappy about certain aspects of my body then i will be lying, i am human and i have flaws, but the older i am getting the more i am starting to realise that if i don't love myself then how do i expect other to love me. Do not waste your time trying to please people that probably don't even care about you or apologising for your flaws because the people that matter will love you for who you are. 

I promise you once you find yourself and truly love YOU then nobody will have the keys to your happiness, If people judge you based on your appearance then its obvious they have zero self esteem always be the best version of yourself. 


The simple fact that you do things differently from others will be a problem to them, accepting yourself for who you are is very important, it is okay to act different because if we all acted the same way then there will be no variety to life right? i remember growing up and thinking i needed to change myself to fit i often realised i was making myself unhappy. 

one day i decided you know fuck it, i am going to speak the way i know how to, if i have a Nigerian accent i couldn't care less as far i was understood when i spoke in English then it shouldn't be a problem. Being a false version of yourself is exhausting and totally not worth it, so be who you want to be , wear what you want to speak and speak exactly how you want to speak. 
I'd love to also know your top tips and your thoughts on how to be confident being yourself, things you have also done to overcome some issues because these are personal issues and experiences so hearing your advice will be helpful. So please share!

Monday, 23 May 2016

Hello my lovelies i have been thinking about this for  a while now, to have a day to come on the blog and just reflect on my life progress, confess of things that i could do better, have positive affirmations and just give advices. I have chosen Monday because Monday is one of the days of the week that most workers hate. So a little positive vibe never hurt nobody before right??

So for my first segment, i have chosen a topic we can all relate to which is ditching the excuses and finding success!!! this topic is very important to me because over the weeks, I have gotten so inspired from reading peoples success stories, speaking to other bloggers both successful and less successful ones, that i have began understanding that truly successful people never make excuses for them selves, whereas the less successful ones found an excuse for everything not working out in their favour.  

Couple of common examples we could all relate to are: i couldn't put up a blog post last week because my wifi was down, or i couldn't take outfit pictures because i had no one to take them for me, i failed a class test because i had been coughing all week, or i would love to take blogging seriously but i have limited time because i have to cook, shower, eat, work full time e.t.c by now you get what i am trying to do here and if we carry on with this negative attitude chances are we probably will not be successful.  

My own personal experience. I was the person who: Always had an untidy closet because there was no enough space, couldn't concentrate on blogging because i thought no one was reading, couldn't shoot an outfit since it rained or didn't have anyone to take them for me and couldn't go to the Gym since it was too far. 

The funny thing here is we will always find ourselves making excuses instead of getting things done, so why don't we start making excuses for the same excuses we tend to be making. This way we will get ourselves out and become very productive,  If you can't take outfit pictures because you have no one to take them how about getting yourself a tripod, if you have a busy week ahead, write your blog post and schedule them for the days ahead, this way you will find yourself doing all the things you made excuses for. 

What if i told you that you will always have or find obstructions, on the grounds that if success was anything but difficult to accomplish everybody would be successful so there will be no reason to work hard. Our personal achievements relies on upon how great we are at defeating obstacles, One advice i will give will be that if you find that doing everything overwhelms you then please don't be afraid to ask for help, if you know you will be busy for a long period of time then reach out to other bloggers if they will be willing to do guest blog post for you. 

Its not always going to be easy to get on with issues you find along the way, to overcome them and get to results. Most times you will simply need to face the obstacle, however try not give yourself any more excuses, acknowledge what drove you to that obstacle so that it never happens again. 

Lastly don't be too harsh on yourself, mistakes are there to be made, so accept, learn and move on from them. No matter what happens, you can do it!

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Outfit details 
Blazer- Primark 
Jeans- Primark 
Vest- H&M
Heels- Topshop 
Bag- Dune 
Watch- August Steiner

Shooting with my Olympus Pen E-PL7 for the first time, i am really happy by how beautiful the pictures turned out. Also this pictures where taken with my tripod, it took me over 3 hours to figure out how to use the Olympus share app to take my pictures.

Believe it the moment i was able to start shooting, guess what happened!! my camera battery died i remember sending the 3 pictures i took to my friend and she said well charge the batteries and take some more pictures. 

Glad i listened, i must say it was a learning process but i got there in the end, do not be too harsh on me it was my first time. Have you recently had a similar experience?? Trying to figure out how to take great shots using a tripod.??

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Hello my lovelies, i hope you all are having a fantastic day, for today’s post my eyeshadow palette, I wanted to talk about some of my favourite eye shadows. Eyeshadow palettes! I’ve collected quite a few of these palettes and I wanted to share them with you guys today. Drum roll Let’s get on with it!
For the sake of this post, I would like to define the word palettes as anything that has more than four various shades in it. That being said, here are all some of my palettes! 
Up first is my holy grail of eyeshadow palettes, Morphe brushes eye shadow palette. I got this one a few months ago i loved it so much that i bought an extra one and decided to do a giveaway when turned 6 months old, I am glad i bought this palette because With 35 shades ( a mixture of matte, shimmer, and metallic shades), this palette is perfect for neutral lovers and you can always jazz up the look with a bit of colour. The shadows are incredibly pigmented, smooth and easy to apply, and very long lasting. 

The eyeshadow palette is super affordable the shades are pigmented and they show up well without the help of any primer, its feels very soft to touch. Of cause i have tested the palette and it has become one of my favourite eyeshadow palette. it will work well with beginners as well as experts did i also mention how super affordable it is. 
Naked 3 caught my eyes with the rose gold features, before i got this palette i kept i contemplating which palette to get between the other Naked palette. I went for this palette because it was more neutral and it will give you that natural feel and i can’t deny that i really like the Naked 3! This palette comes with 12 shades in total (three matte, the rest are all shimmer/metallic). The only downside to this palette is that i was hoping it had more matte shades. 
We’re almost through guys i promise! This beauty here is the eyeshadow palette from NARS. One of my Aunts actually got it for me as she works for Nars Cosmetics. I love that its small and compact It’s a good mix of neutral tones with a few colours that are mostly shimmers.
Last but not least is the All About the Eyes palette from KathasVonD. Ive read and watched  great reviews about this eyeshadow so I definitely wanted to try out and I’m really glad I did! It’s quite similar to the rest and by now you can tell i am more drawn to neutral colours. again most of the shadows are matte shade and i really love that as it has a more toned down look. 

Whew! Did everyone make it to the end? If you did, thanks for reading and be sure to tell me in the comments what you thought! What’s your favourites palette are? Which one of these have you tried? 

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Hello my lovelies, before i start today's topic i will strongly advice that you read my previous post on the reason why i took a break from blogging in the first place, so as to have a better understanding to the follow up topic. Click HERE for the reason i took a break. 

Welcome back.. as today's topic suggest i am talking about why taking a break can sometimes be good for your blog. I said ''sometimes'' because the longer you take this break the more it can affect your blog readership in a negative way, every worker needs at least 5 weeks holiday in a year so do we bloggers. 

This break is either to attend to family issues, have a holiday somewhere and not worry about blogging or it could just be writers block. That break is needed to clear your head, but it my case i was getting discouraged so i really needed to take a break to just chill out.  

If you do intend to take a break, have it at the back of your mind when you intend to be back and its always good to communicate that with your readers your intention so they don't think you have abandoned your blog (in my case i didn't tell my readers i just disappeared for 3 weeks).
 I take it you understand why you might need a break, now i will emphasise on things you should do before taking this break as it is quite important. 
  • Let your readers know you will be taking a break for x amount of time. 
  • Open up your blog for guest writers. 
  • Only agree to guest post that you believe your readers will enjoy.
  • Be honest with your readers why you need that break. 
  • Remember to come back from your break before al your readers disappear.
I must say after taking weeks out it has helped me clear my head, i understand better why i decided to blog in the first place, i have a clearer picture how far i want my blog to grow and lastly i am more enthusiastic with putting up blog pictures and getting outfits ready for my fashion blog post. 

Things i realised from my break that will help you better your blog.
  • Choose a day of the week to write up your blog posts.
  • Don't be scared to be creative. 
  • Broaden your Horizon and take risks 
  • Schedule your blog post in advance. 
  • Read other blog, for motivation and Magazines for ideas.
  • Write on topics that you are passionate about.
  • Invest in a good camera 
  • Buy a tripod for outfit pictures.
  • Schedule your outfits way before you decide to shoot outfit post.
  • Get yourself a journal and write down every idea that comes to mind. 
  • Most importantly enjoy what you do and DO NOT GIVE UP.
Lastly i want to thank you all for taking out time to visit my blog, it means the world to me. If you have more tips why taking a break is good for us bloggers then please leave your tips in the comment section. 

Thanks for reading.